The key to future ready organizations

Supervisory Boards and Directors are constantly looking for the best people to lead their organization, now and in the future. However, it is difficult to find out which people will really make the difference. A sharp, objective view of leadership qualities and potential is essential to achieve goals in a sustainable way.

TENEA helps to achieve strategic goals, by identifying the qualities, pitfalls and potential of leaders. We create value by providing insight into the leaders of the future in an objective manner through risk analysis and assessing leadership potential. By doing this, we support our clients in appointing the most suitable leaders who will contribute to the sustainability of the organization.

Insight in leadership: fast, objective & accurate

Science shows that a job simulation is the best way to predict future work behavior. Letting someone do the job creates the most accurate data.
We have translated the challenges and environment of a (future) executive to a multimedia game based assessment. The participant experiences their first workday as an executive in a realistic setting, including all of the challenges, pressures and responsibilities that are part of the job. This way the player is provided the opportunity to show their skills, and directly gain insight into the effect of their actions. At the same time we measure everything that the candidate does: both the visible and invisible behaviors.
This game is supplemented with a number of valid, reliable measuring instruments that provide more understanding of the underlying drivers of shown behavior.

Furthermore, we believe that successful, sustainable leaderhip is not just about the right skills and qualities, but also about a fit with the environment, the organisation and the team. This is why we extensively assess the fit between our candidates and the context which they will be working in. The right balance between overlapping values and complementing qualities is essential here.
Our method creates a complete, objective and trustworthy image of the leadership qualities of the candidate against the background of the specific role and work environment.

All our assessment tools and services are available in English.